it is sneak peek time again!....

The July Freehand Scraps kit is full of bright colors, fun embellishments and THREE alphabets! My favorite embellishment is alphas, so I felt like this kit was put together especially for me! :)

The October Afternoon and Girls Paperie papers are perfect for just about any occasion making this a very versatile kit.

Check out the kit and the rest of the gallery here on the 1st. You won't want to miss this one!

our taekwondo adventure begins...

Charlie started taekwondo last week and he loves it. He had two classes with an instructor to evaluate his skills and see what class would be best for him. They were amazed by his focus and said it was the best they have seen in a 5-year-old. He is definitely behind physically but they think because of his focus and attention in class that he should hopefully be able to catch up quickly.

Here he is in his gi. They wrote his name in Korean on the collar.

And in his class...

This one is blurry but it cracks me up.
It is so fun watching him during his class. The instructors really do a good job with being strict but still giving a lot of praise at the same time. You can tell that this does not come naturally to Charlie at all, but they know how to push him just right. He has already shown some great improvement.

I think he looks especially adorable in his uniform. Even though the tag says it is size 0000, he still loooks like such a big kid.

consumer reports....

Charlie was talking again today about which lego set he really wants to get next (or ask santa for). Yesterday he was considering adding the Beach House set to his list but he didn't mention it today. I asked him why it wasn't on the list anymore and he informed me that he looked up the review online. Seriously? Yep, The review page is now his favorite part of He wasn't happy with what they had to say so "he is going to pass on that one". Apparantly you have to take the top off to play inside of the house and he is "just not interested in all that hassle."

At least he is an informed consumer.


perfect day for a picnic....

The boys and I headed outside today for a picnic lunch. There are 2 large trees right in front of our building that provide a lot of shade. Just the perfect spot for a picnic with two cute boys.
We ate PB&J sandwiches, apples, cheese and pretzels. Cannon was having a hard time sharing and kept trying to hoard all the food.
Or he would take a bite out of something and then try to put it back when we weren't looking.
We played airplane with our hands and made funny noises.

We talked to the birdies.
We took off our shoes and got comfortable in the shade.

And when we were done relaxing for a while, we played ball. But all Cannon wanted to do was throw the balls in to the street and then whine until Charlie got it for him, so we didn't play ball for long.

Maybe tomorrow we will try bubbles instead.

the dreaded holiday pages....

Holiday pages are not my favorite pages to complete. This would explain why I am just now getting around to Christmas 2008 & 2009! But, in an effort to get Cannon's first year done, they had to be done.

From here on out I am just going to be putting all the holiday pages in a family album because I am definitely not going to scrapbook them all twice for each of the boys. Since this was Cannon's first Christmas, I made a few pages specifically for his book. All the paper on this one is from Crate Paper's North Pole Collection. I cut the snowflakes with my Slice and then stitched them on and added a few embellishments. Definitely one of my all time favorite pictures.
Cannon's first visit with Santa. Cannon had only been home from the hospital for a little over a week and was so tiny! This page will go in the family book. I cut the stars with my Slice and added the embellishments. I just love this North Pole collection from Crate Paper.
And this one is not a holiday page, but one that I recently finished up as well.
I just got done putting these pages into the album......aahhh, it feels so good!


around the house....

Cannon has an incisor coming in as well as 2 molars that are still breaking through. He is pretty sure that he is dying. We now know that he can and will cry for 4 hours straight. I do feel bad for him, but I really miss sleep.

The nice thing about doing the laundry in the summer (if there is one) is not having to track down all the baby/kid socks.

We decided it was time to try to put Cannon in church nursery this week since he did so good with the grandparents. The drop off went fine and they never called our number so we thought it had gone well, but he looked pretty pathetic when we went to pick him up. The sweet lady that was taking care of him said he had been quite sad. He had been crying off and on and kept hanging out by the door looking for us. Hopefully next week will be better. Charlie on the other hand loves this church and had a great time.

For the last few months every time I have taken a shower Cannon would sit outside the bathroom and cry. I used to let him come in the bathroom with me, but then he would try to climb in with all his clothes on. Last week he suddenly stopped doing this and I am happy to be showering in peace.

Eric made one request for dinner last week and that was meatloaf. I had it all prepared and opened the oven door to stick it in. I hit the edge of the pan on the door and it fell upside down in the oven getting the raw meatloaf everywhere. It could not be salvaged so we had McDonald's instead. He definitely did not marry me for my cooking.

I have been enjoying the scent of Havana Cabana in my scentsy. Makes me wish I was relaxing on the beach with an ice cold diet coke and a magazine.

The other night Eric had made an exaggeration about something and Charlie said "Easy there, dad". It is obvious that he has spent some time with G-Pa lately.

If you say I love you to Cannon he will immediately give you a kiss. The other night I said to him "who is ready to get on his pjs?" and to my surprise he squealed "Me!"

Charlie is completely obsessed with what Lego set he should ask for from Santa. He goes back and forth between the Spongebob House set and the Police HQ set. He is constantly talking about it and changing his mind. We have been trying to tell him that Christmas is still pretty far away and that they may come out with some other sets by then that he will want instead, but he is not hearing of it.

I have been getting some scrapbooking done but the above mentioned lack of sleep has been hindering my creativity.

Charlie has been trying his best to be a good big brother. They have been fighting so much lately that I had to sit down and have a talk with him. It is hard for him to understand that Cannon is still a baby and we cannot expect him to do all the things Charlie can do. He has been trying though and when he does something nice he asks "Am I being a good big brother now?"

And just because any post is boring without a picture, here is the little cutie at In-N-Out a few weeks ago. He loves those hats.


it's official....

The popsicles
are out.


fountain fun....

Last night we went out to dinner to the much raved about The Pie Pizzeria. The pizza was good and the place was cute. I think we will definitely be back. We decided to check out the large fountain that was right next to the restaurant. I am so happy in moments like these that I carry a point and shoot camera in my purse.

Cannon was not sure what to do. The first few times he approached the fountain he did this.
With daddy at his side, he got a little more comfortable.
Still not wanting to get close enough to touch it.
And there he goes.

Charlie had fun and was even willing to get more wet than he usually does.

Then Cannon found this spot where he could get his feet wet. I am pretty sure he would have gone in deeper if we didn't stop him.

Yet another failed attempt to get a good shot of the both of them together.

I think it is safe to say he loved it.