march 23-26, 2012

For spring break we headed to Salt Lake City to spend a few days away.  It didn't hurt that we got to catch up with friends and eat a lot of good food.  As always, I didn't take very many pictures.  I need to tie a string around my finger or something to remind me to pull my camera out.  Oh well, I guess I will just keep telling myself I am too busy living in the moment. :)

The boys enjoyed the hotel pool.

After the boys went to bed, we started Season 1 of Downton Abbey.

And like I said, lots of yummy food including our favorites Chick-Fil-A and In-N-Out.  And a stop at the Sweet Tooth Fairy for some awesome cupcakes.  Mmmmm...salted caramel.

We also got to have a date night with our friends for dinner and a movie. Tammy and I went to the scrapbooking expo and IKEA. (I may have even gone back to IKEA for a second visit.  Shhhh.....)  Eric and Ryan were giddy to get some fishing time in.  The boys had fun just simply playing and being boys.  With the exception of the final night (Cannon kept waking up with nightmares and Charlie coughed all night), we had a great time.  We even survived the five-hour car trip with Cannon.  Looking forward to many more family vacations.

march 12, 2012

Charlie discovered the thrill of Ebay today as he bid on a Gameboy SP that he wants for this "Retro Gaming Collection".  He had his eye on one at our local video game store but it turned out they couldn't sell it because they didn't have the charger for it.  We had a very disappointed boy after that visit.  So we told him we would look on ebay when we got home.  He got out his money and we talked about shipping charges and what he could afford and then the bidding began.  He missed out on the first few auctions, but he finally snagged a good one!  He loved every minute of it.  Now the wait begins for it to arrive in the mail and it is just killing him.  It is starting to kill me a little too because we have to hear about it nonstop, but enjoying his excitement makes it all worth it I suppose.  Good thing I didn't give him my password though, because I think we may have an ebay addict in the making.

march 8, 2012

A little project in the works for the boys' bathroom.  I really like the way it's coming together. It is so nice to be making things and decorating a place that's "all ours" again.  

march 7, 2012

Happy Birthday to a very special Grandpa!  We love you!

march 5, 2012

Our Cannon and Mommy day got cut short today because I got called in to work.  Boo!  But first, we did do a little grocery shopping.  Cannon insists on pushing the cart around the store.  He doesn't think he needs any assistance, but I think the rest of the shoppers will beg to differ!  We have been doing our best to eat healthy in the Smith household (besides the bacon of the month club of course).  It has been good.

And even though I really wanted to say no to my boss, I decided I better not.  So I had to say goodbye to Mr. Cannon.  I love that we get to have these Mondays together though.  He is growing up so stinkin' fast.  

march 4, 2012

Beautiful spring-like temperatures this weekend called for a walk to the park.  The boys love the playground in our new neighborhood.  I have a feeling we will be spending a lot of time here this summer.

march 3, 2012

Two glorious hours at the salon reading People magazine and enjoying some "me" time.  I always tell my stylist not to be offended that I don't talk much.  I am just enjoying the peace and quite.  Ahhhhhh.

march 2, 2012

Pillows, blankets, pajamas and popcorn.  Yep, it must be movie night.

march 1, 2012

My lunch of choice:  a ham and swiss with light mayo and a diet coke.  Sounds pretty perfect to me.