August 2012

August was pretty much a blur.  Not quite sure why, but the days all ran together and before I knew it, it was over.  So, here is August in a nutshell.

We crossed a few more things off our Summer to-do list, including a few science experiments.  The boys loved the naked egg experiment.

A picnic in the park.

Bowling at Pinz.  Charlie started off strong, but mom walked away with the win.

And the fair.  It was smokey and hot, but the boys loved it.  The ticket lady exaggerated on how many rides Cannon would actually be able to ride because of his height, but for the most part he was pretty understanding when he had to sit out on some of them.  We had pronto pups and strawberry shortcake.  We  enjoyed the animals and petting zoo.  We avoided the carnie games like the plague. It was all the fair is supposed to be.

We also played at the splash park.  Cannon was cautious at first but then he had no problem jumping in.  Just don't splash him because you will definitely hear about it.

We celebrated 13 years of wedded bliss. Awe.

We had donut dates with cute boys.

We bought school supplies for a certain second grader.

And that second grader started school.

We also had special treats to celebrate the first day of school.  Charlie can't get enough Kinder chocolate. It is probably his second favorite thing, after Nutella, of course.

Whew!  August, you were a busy one.  

We had a great summer.  Definitely one of the best for sure.