easter 2011

The boys are at the perfect ages for all the Easter festivities. Charlie is not too old and Cannon is just old enough to get that it is a pretty special time filled with family and crazy traditions. He kept looking at us like, egg hunting? Seriously? We have carpet in our dining area, so there was definitely not going to be any egg dying at the table. What else is the huge island for other than to climb up on and get crafty?
So typical of Cannon, trying to boss Charlie around. He definitely thought he was the egg dying master. He took charge of what colors all the eggs were going to be, whether we wanted him to or not.

The word "gentle" is not in Cannon's vocabulary, so most of the eggs looked like this when we were done:

Cannon wanted the Easter bunny all to himself. Have I mentioned that he is 2???

Once we tried to get Charlie in the picture, he was over it.

We headed to the cousins' house in Des Moines for Easter weekend. The kids LOVE visiting their cousins.

Although he thought it was crazy at first, Cannon had no trouble catching on to the egg hunt concept once he found out there was candy involved. Charlie of course was an old pro at the hunt. Four very happy kids. :) Checking out the loot.

I think it is safe to say Easter 2011 was a huge sucess!