doing a happy dance....

I went to Archiver's last weekend to scrapbook. Unfortunately, I did not get much done (only 2 pages!) but I did complete the final page for Cannon's first year album! That's right, it is done!!!

I have the hardest time scrapbooking professional photos. I am not sure if it is because usually they are so large or if I just overthink them because the pictures are "special" somehow. I just tried to keep this one simple with the focus on the photo. Eric calls this Cannon's George Costanza photo. You will probably only get that one if you saw that Seinfeld episode. It just makes me laugh when I look at it.

Here are the ultrasound pages with all the journaling from my MANY doctor's appointments.

I was dreading working on these pages because of all the text, but I really wanted to include all of the journaling. I am so glad that I have it all written down and I know I will love to read through it all later. When I was going back through my blog to get the journaling I was surprised how much I had already forgotten!

And here is the completed album. I just love the WRMK albums, especially this red one.

Just for fun, here are a few stats on this album:

Number of pages: 54
Number of photos: 126
Number of 2-page layouts: 2
Number of months to complete: 21
Having this album finally finished: priceless


one of those days....

This is Cannon's teething face. His cheeks get all red and he gets little eczema patches on his chin. Poor little dude.

I spent all morning on the phone fighting with the people at Social Security and still got nowhere. Cannon spilled his milk all over the couch. Charlie cried for 15 minutes because he couldn't get his button fastened. Cannon is STILL teething. I didn't get very much sleep last night and had a headache. Charlie was ticked because I had the nerve to make pasta for dinner (which he hates). A man almost wrecked into my car and then cussed me out like it was my fault.

To top it all off I had to go grocery shopping. I normally don't mind grocery shopping, but it is almost unbearable with Cannon right now. He would rather be pulling all the food off the shelves than be strapped into that cart. I know, it is so unfair. I ran through the aisles and tried to get everything as fast as I could, knowing I was probably going to forget something since I forgot my list. There were a few meltdowns when I wouldn't let Cannon take a bite out of the cheese or throw the olives on the ground. The lady in front of me at the checkout argued for 5 minutes that the grapes should only be 80 cents per pound, not 82 cents. I had finally paid and double checked that I didn't leave any bags like last time and we were on our way out the door. The greeter had gotten Cannon's attention and was trying to make him smile so I slowed down a bit. Cannon finally flashed a grin and then the man said "Your job is only half way done. Now you have to go home and put all this stuff away. You moms really have your work cut out for you, but by the looks of things I can see you are doing a great job."

And just like that I let go of all that had gone wrong today. Is it weird that a complete stranger was able to make such an impact on my day? He obviously knew just what I needed to hear and I am grateful that he was nice enough to say it. So, thank-you to Mike at Walmart. I may not be the world's greatest mom, but I try to do my best and I hope Charlie and Cannon will agree with you in 18 years.

july freehand scraps reveal...

The July Freehand Scraps kit is now available! I really liked that I was able to do a variety of different subjects and didn't feel like this kit was too "themed".

I had this picture printed at Costco in 8x12 (only $1.49!). I loved all the white space on the right that was just begging for a big, bold title. For the bottom, I just punched out some circles, crinkled them up and then stitched them on. The glitter buttons were the perfect finishing touch!

On this page, I cut out some of the circles from the Girls Paperie paper on the bottom and then added them on top of the yellow October Afternoon. Then I stitched some messy circles around them to help them stand out a little more. I also added the Maya Road envelope and a few October Afternoon stickers to finish it off.

And this last one is a page I made with one of my favorite pictures of the boys. I could not believe I had never scrapped this one yet! It was taken the day after Cannon came home from the hospital. I didn't know what title I was going to use, but I got the word "be" in the vintage scrabble letters in my kit (everyone gets a different word), and this title seemed perfect. It is definitely something I have to remind them of everyday now that Cannon is older and can fight back! :)

Be sure to check out the rest of the gallery. The other girls did such a great job with this kit.
Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend! Happy 4th everybody!