february 27, 2012

Cannon still is not really into watching much TV, but lately he has developed a little crush on Dora.  On the rare occasion he does slow down enough to watch a show, the request is always for Dora the Explorer.  And it is so very cute to hear him yelling at the TV from the other room, "Swiper no swiping! Swiper no swiping!"

february 21, 2012

A sinus infection has knocked me on my rear end this week.  Excuse me as I crawl back into bed with my kleenex box and Nyquil.

february 15, 2012

Nothing says love on Valentine's Day like a membership to the Bacon of the Month Club. 

february 14, 2012

Valentine's Day was a bittersweet day for our family this year.  We don't know for sure which day Priscilla passed away, but from the few clues we have we are pretty sure it was on Valentines' Day.  The day snuck up on us as we had been so busy with the move and everything else going on, but it definitely hit hard that morning.  Eric hasn't sent me flowers very often in our marriage (at my request) but when they arrived at my office, my heart smiled and was broken at the same time.  And then I cried and I think all of my coworkers thought I was a little crazy. 

Last year, a few days before Valentine's Day, I told Eric that I thought we should send his mom some flowers.  She was a few weeks out from surgery and she was healing well from her hip replacement, and I thought it would be a nice surprise, especially because she loved flowers.  She received them on Friday the 11th.  She called both Eric and I that day to tell us that they were beautiful.  It was the last time that either of us talked to her.  I remember the night that we found out she was gone, we laid in bed crying and I kept thinking about how I was so grateful that I had gotten to talk to her one last time and that she was happy.  I was so grateful to God that he prompted me to send those flowers because I know for sure that it was all in his timing.

Eric told me that even though Valentine's Day will always be the day he lost his mom, it will also be the day that he can thank his wife for making his mom feel special before she died.  (see why I was crying at work? Thanks a lot Eric!)  Instead of telling Eric not to waste money on flowers, I will now gladly accept them. Because even though I think of her every single day, the flowers are a nice reminder of her - her beauty, her generosity, her love. 

We love and miss you Grandma P.

february 13, 2012

Now we are officially ready for Valentine's Day.  Yum!

february 12, 2012

And just like that, all of the boxes are empty again.

february 10, 2012

We are officially homeowners again!

february 2, 2012

I am not too crazy about my commute, but I am trying to focus on the best thing it has to offer:  30 minutes of sweet, golden silence in the car.  No complaining about who is looking at who wrong.  No "I'm bored."  No toys flying through the air.  Hmm.  Maybe my commute isn't so bad after all.