october 12, 2012

This year's annual trip to the pumpkin patch was probably our best one yet.  We went on a Monday night so it wasn't too busy and the weather was beautiful.

Cannon's horse was named Charlie and Charlie's horse was named Snowball.  They thought that was so cool.

Charlie got picked to cheer on one of the pigs in the pig races and his pig won.  

We enjoyed the world's largest corndogs for dinner.

Then we finished off the night picking out the most perfect pumpkins.

october 11, 2012

I have been praying that the right people are placed in Charlie's life at the right time, especially regarding school.  I could do that or I could let the anxiety attacks and feelings of hopelessness take over.  I figured the first option was the better way to go.

I had no idea that the school years were going to be this tough.  And we are only in the second grade. I feel sick to my stomach when I think about going through this for ten more years.  

We are all trying to figure out what is best for Charlie.  That boy.  He is one complex, amazing little person.

Originally his teacher dismissed my concerns because she was only looking at academics.  He is working several years above grade level in many areas and it is easy to focus on that.  I was shut out and told that the school district wouldn't do anything for him unless we got some kind of diagnosis.

Then Charlie had a meltdown at school.  It was a pretty big one.  And although I am not proud of this meltdown, I am happy it happened because the teacher began to wonder if she was missing something.  Then the counselor got involved.  And now we might be a little closer to getting Charlie what he needs at school.

It has been a few weeks and they haven't done anything yet (that I have seen), but I am trying to trust in the process.

Only ten more years.  Deep breaths.

october 4, 2012

 Little C was busy at daycare today....

He proudly said that he was a teddy bear.  Then he said "not really, I just colored all over my face mama."

Oh, really? I barely noticed.