june 30, 2012

Sharing a locally made rootbeer at the farmer's market.  I am not usually a big fan of rootbeer, but this stuff was really, really good.  Yum!

june 25, 2012

We went on our first official family camping trip this weekend.  A few weeks ago Eric had mentioned to me that he wanted to take Charlie camping.  When I asked about Cannon, he said he would only take Cannon if I went too.  Then we mentioned it to my parents and next thing you know, we were all committed and it was booked.

I will admit that I am not much of a camper.  Eric found a place with cabins because he knew I probably wouldn't go for a tent.  It was a lot of work packing for this overnight trip.  We needed clothes, food, plates/napkins, swimming stuff, bedding, fishing stuff, s'mores fixings, and lots of bug spray.

We went to Silver Creek Plunge.  They have this amazing natural hot springs pool with a kid area for the boys.  This was a great activity to have so close to the campsite.  We all loved it.

Of course we had to roast hot dogs by the campfire.

And it was the first time any of us had made s'mores before.


The night went good and we all slept pretty well.  Cannon was so tired he was practically begging to go to sleep.....that was a first!  He was also a pretty big fan of the outhouses.

Overall, I am glad that we made the time to do this.  Thank-you to G-Pa and GG for taking us!

Now, I am off to itch my mosquito bites....

june 18, 2012

Father's Day weekend was pretty much perfect.  It was busy and sometimes crazy, but it was full of the best kind of activity: time together.

We kicked off the weekend with the Meridian Dairy Days parade. (and I only took one picture!)

This was Cannon's first parade.  He seemed a little confused at first, but once we told him they were going to be throwing candy out, he was all over it.  As usual, the boys bickered their fair share and they got upset when the candy distribution wasn't even, but overall, we had a great time.   The music, horses and candy were the highlights of the evening.

We did some things around the house on Saturday and went to dinner at Famous Dave's, Eric's choice of course.

On Father's Day we headed to Eagle Island for some fun in the sun.  The adults hung out on the beach area while the boys played in the water and sand.

The guys tried to do a little fishing, but there were too many people around so it wasn't the best conditions.

Charlie wasn't as into playing in the water as much as he was into "relaxing".  He does NOT like to be splashed on so he would freak out a little when the rambunctious kids got too close.  He was perfectly content chilling out on this float tube.

On Monday we took the boys to the zoo.  We got there right after they opened and it was perfect because it was not very busy and the weather was awesome.

Charlie in the same spot 4 years ago, July 2008.

Awe, he looks so young.  Mr. Charlie just keeps growing up on us!

It really was a great weekend.  Now that I am working I find that I am appreciating these times even more than before.  I am happy for the reminder that we are so very blessed.

june 13, 2012

We have been getting out for bike rides as often as possible now that the weather is so beautiful.

Charlie has improved a lot over the past year.  He still gets frustrated easily, but he is working through it and the hard work is paying off.

And Cannon is struggling a little on his new big boy bike, but he is slowly getting better as well.

He will be doing so good and then he just slams on his brakes.  We always know where he has been because he leaves a little trail of skid marks wherever he goes.  Crazy kid.

june 12, 2012

We are working away on crossing things off of our summer to-do list.


Indoor playland....check!

Spending the afternoon at the DMV to get our Idaho driver's license......well, maybe that wasn't on the list, but at least it is finally done!

So far so good.

june 11, 2012

Charlie really struggled in first grade and we are trying to figure out what we can do to make school a better experience for him.  The biggest problem was that he was just plain bored.  He is working a few grades ahead in his head, but he has a hard time demonstrating what he knows because of his motor planning and fine motor skill deficits.  When things get hard for Charlie he has the tendency to give up easily.  He gets silly and tries to deflect his struggles or he tells jokes.  He learns things very quickly and almost always knows the answers but completing worksheet after worksheet just isn't his cup of tea.  His teacher knew of his struggles and she expressed concern to me, but when I asked for help I was told that he was too smart to qualify for any services.  Even though it was affecting his school work, even though his teacher was considering dropping him a reading level because he couldn't keep up with all the busy work (the absolute worst thing she could do), even though the school psychologist said "it just broke her heart" to see how Charlie struggled to use scissors in the classroom, the school wasn't willing to help because "he's too smart".   

We have been looking at other options and making some tough decisions.  We looked at private schools that are twice as much as our mortgage (!), we looked at Christian schools and charter and magnet schools.  And we just didn't feel good about any of it.  So, for now we have started private occupational therapy and are hopeful that some of this stuff will start to click for him.  So far, he really likes it.  :)   

After all the hard work at therapy today, a cupcake date was definitely in order.

We are hoping and praying that this will all work out how it's supposed to.  Boy, this parenting thing just isn't going to get any easier, is it?

june 3, 2012

It was a productive weekend with lots of fun mixed in.

Charlie is officially back in Tae Kwon Do and had his first group lesson on Saturday.

I washed my car inside and out and Eric changed the brake light.

Cannon picked out his own outfit.

We ate lunch outside.

My Mother's Day carpet roses had their first bloom.

Eric and I had a date night.  Dinner at Cafe Rio and we then headed home to start season four of True Blood. There also was a stop at Archiver's and Baskin Robbins in between.  We end up stopping at Archiver's quite often on date nights because we are usually in the area.  Luckily Eric doesn't seem to mind too much. :)

We made our Summer to-do list.

I went grocery shopping by myself.  The store was hectic on Sunday afternoon, but I think it was still better to fight the crowds than to go with the kids.  We usually go as a family, but I think that just may change.

Eric washed the windows while I cleaned the inside of the house.  And yes, I did laundry.

We got frozen yogurt with G-Pa and GG.

Silly boys.