christmas card photo shoot 2009....

This was supposed to be a family photo shoot, but the boys were sick on the original date we had planned for it and then we couldn't find another date that worked with Eric's work schedule and the photographer. It would have been nice to get all four of us - maybe next year! It was hard to get a very good shot of the boys together. Cannon was not interested in smiling and once we finally got him around to it, Charlie was usually completely distracted by something else. Also, Cannon couldn't stand by himself so it limited our options. When I got home and told Eric how things went, Eric said to me "You really didn't think it was going to go any differently did you?" Hmmmph. I guess not.

Look at Cannon's face on this one...looks like he is having a blast, right?

This one makes me tear up. I love it.

Okay, looks like we are done....
And the final choice


while i was away...


Anybody there?

It obviously has been a while since I updated. Here are a few things we have been up to over the last month or so:

- All 4 of us were very sick. Charlie started it all, then I got it and then Eric and Cannon followed. Eric and I both had sinus infections, I had an ear infection, Eric had strep throat and Cannon got his first ear infection in both ears. Lots of antibiotics were given out around here.

- I had a booth at our community Holiday Bazaar. I had just baby items including appliqued onesies, burp rags and quilts. The onesies and burp rags did pretty well, but I only sold one quilt. I guess they were just more than people wanted to spend, but at $30, they really are a steal. If anybody is needing a cute shower gift, let me know! :)

- We moved to Utah! I made a trip a few days before Thanksgiving to meet up with Eric and look at apartments. My mom and dad watched Cannon for us which was such a huge help. We found a place that we like (you know, for an apartment at least!) and then Eric, Charlie and I drove back to Idaho on Thanksgiving day to pack up all our stuff. Our parents all came together and prepared a delicious Thanksgiving dinner that was waiting for us as we arrived. Friday morning we loaded up the Uhaul and got out of town. We had to be to SLC by 6:00pm to get the keys to our apartment. We rolled into the parking lot around 5:30. The only people we know here were out of town so Eric had to unpack the truck all by himself while I kept the kids out of the way. The truck was unpacked and we had the beds ready to go by bedtime. We spent the rest of the weekend unpacking boxes and getting reacquainted with all of our stuff that had been in storage for the last year. -I changed Cannon's carseat to forward facing for the trip. I was planning on keeping him rear facing for much longer, but he really likes it...I don't really have the heart to move him back.
-Cannon has had a rough month. It all started with teething, then the cold/ear infection mentioned above, then back to teething and now he has some sort of stomach bug I think. He was throwing up all day yesterday. After getting throw up in my hair, changing his clothes 4 times and doing 9 loads of laundry, I was ready for the day to be a distant memory!

- Charlie wrote his first letter to Santa. His list included a Nintendo DS, and toy ATM machine and the game Lego Rockband. His list keeps changing and of course keeps getting longer by the day.
- The boys are sharing a room for the first time and it has been a rough transition. I don't think the sickness they have had has helped, but they just love to wake each other up. Of course once Cannon is up, he just cries and then that makes Charlie upset. Needless to say, Charlie has spent some nights on the couch. He has even been asking to sleep on the couch so he doesn't have to hear Cannon. I am really hoping that this gets better soon.
- We went with the Hoolahan's to see the Christmas lights at Thanksgiving Point. You drive through and look at the lights and then at the end you can visit with the reindeer. Cannon really liked looking at the lights.
I just like this one because Charlie looks like a ghost.
Charlie wanted nothing to do with the reindeer. He was just sure one of them was going to poke his head through and bite his hand off. Eric finally talked him into getting a little bit closer, but just for a second.

-We put up our Christmas tree. Cannon is surprisingly uninterested in it. We put it up later than usual because I didn't want to be fighting him, but he really doesn't care about it. He is always surprising me! He helped to put on the first ornament.

Once we were done they just wanted to lay under it and rub their faces on the soft tree skirt. My 2 little sensory boys.
We tried to get some pictures of the boys together by the decorated tree but it was not happening. Cannon was DONE. Charlie was up for a few pictures...only because I bribed him with a candy cane.
- We went to the local mall to visit Santa. I will post that picture later because I have to scan it in, but after the santa visit GPa, Charlie and Cannon took a ride on the train around the mall. The boys loved it. My dad said Cannon had a ball waving at everybody with both hands as they rode by.

- The December kit at Freehand Scraps went live on the 1st. With the move I was unable to complete anything for the gallery, but check out the other girl's work. It is a very cute kit!