it is sneak peek time again...

The May Freehand Scraps kit is full of fun and bright spring colors! It has 2 alphabets, lots of Dear Lizzy and Fancy Pants papers and some great embellishments. I had fun getting some Easter pages and a few Mother's Day cards completed. Check out the kit and the rest of the gallery on May 1st.

cannon at 18 months.....

I can't believe we have made it this far (even though some days I wasn't sure we would!). This is definitely my favorite age so far. You are turning into a toddler and are not looking like my baby boy anymore. Here are a few things about you at 18 months:

- You weigh 22 pounds 6 ounces (10th Percentile) and are 31 inches tall (20th percentile).

- You go to bed around 8:30-9:00pm and wake up around 7:00am. You usually take a 1-2 hour nap after lunch.

- You are walking everywhere and are getting into everything. The bathroom is your favorite place to wreak havoc, usually clearing out all the stuff from the cabinets and unrolling all the toilet paper off the roll.

- You know how to throw a good fit and you like things to go your way.

- You have the cutest smile where your nose scrunches up just the tiniest bit. You love to cuddle and give hugs. You don't miss a thing around you. Not one single thing.

- You love to go into rooms and then shut the door. You usually just wait there until I come and knock on the door. When I open it you just squeal with delight.

- You love to bring things from room to room. Especially now that you are walking and it is much easier. Today I found the broom in my bedroom and the TV controller in the bathroom.

- You are more curious than ever about your brother's legos. There are lots of tears spilled everyday because you can't play with them. You want to do everything he does which leads to lots of frustration. I am pretty sure you think you are 5 too.

- You officially have 11 teeth now as 2 molars just popped through this week. You have one more on the way.

- You do not want anything to do with the car. The second we get in you start screaming and usually don't stop until we get to our destination. Makes errand running a lot of fun for all of us!

- You are still a little behind on your speech, but you have a few words that you use regularly.

Cracker (Cack-ker)
whee (said when on the swings or going down a slide at the park)
Ball (bah)
More (mo)
Charlie (Chaw-chee) This one is my favorite. It sounds so cute when you say it.

- You have gotten much better around strangers. You did so good at your 18 month check-up. The doctor got close to you and you actually smiled instead of cried. You also love Lisa, the EI specialist that comes to visit you twice a month.

- You are going to see the Urologist next week since your right testicle is still undescended. The doctor said he thinks it may have dropped a little, so we are hoping we may be able to just wait it out instead of surgery.

- You love to sleep with your blanket wrapped around your head. I thought it was just an occasional thing, but every time I peek in at night to check on you, it is wrapped around your whole head and face.

We love you more every day. Can't wait to see what the next 18 months bring!

a little catch-up.....

I took these 3 photos of the boys on Easter before I got this....
So much for any cute Easter photos this year! I had also wanted to take more photos this trip with all the grandparents and I got nada. Ugh. There is always next year!?

Lots to catch-up on.

-First off, Cannon is officially walking!! He has become very good at it over the past 2 weeks and is pretty much walking 95% of the time. He also has learned how to get up on his own now, so if he falls down he gets right back up and keeps trucking.

-We had a good Easter. It was a nice relaxing day. Grandma P made most of the dinner and we were able to just hang out. Those are the best holidays, the ones where you just relax and enjoy being with each other.

-Driving 5 hours with a crabby, stubborn almost 18 month old baby is pretty much the last thing I want to do again any time soon.

- Eric has an interview for a position at another branch on Monday. This move would give us a much more consistent schedule which we would LOVE. Hoping and praying this happens for him.

- Happy that we don't have stairs at our apartment. Cannon's favorite thing to do was climb up and down the stairs at Gigi's house. He probably would have done it all day if we let him. And don't even try to go upstairs without him.

- When Charlie got home from school today he said "Mom, I have some really bad news." I asked what was wrong and he said there was a girl that was bossing him around on the bus so he told her to please stop. He was very sure that he said the word please. She then said she was going to have her parents "kick his butt". Seriously? I am so not ready for this school thing.

- Speaking of school, we have Charlie's kindergarten orientation tomorrow. We get to meet the teachers and learn about what programs they offer. Lots of prayer happening right now that we will get the right teacher for Charlie and that it will be a great year. I am so excited and yet so nervous!!

- I have not done any scrapbooking lately. I should be getting my May Freehand Scraps kit any day now, hopefully it will bring some inspiration as well.

- Here are my pages from the April kit. My pages were all very simple this month. Must have just been my mood. I loved the color combination of this kit.
I also loved that bird from My Mind's Eye. I had to use it right away and this page came together pretty quickly. These photos were taken on Cannon's birthday. Just added a few strips of patterned paper along the edges and then stitched over it.
The light bulb embellishment is awesome and it is exclusive to this kit. I thought it was the perfect touch for this page. I also broke out the circle punches again for this one. Those punches have been getting a lot of use lately! The Hambly stitches rub-ons apply so easily, they are the best.

The red gingham paper was one of my favorites this month. It is so simple, but I just loved the color it added. You can see I used it on all three of my layouts. That ticket die cut is also so versatile.

And lastly, a very simple card. I couldn't fit the crocheted flowers on any of my boy layouts, but I just had to use one so a card it was.

- Planning on getting back into the blogging routine. I need to do Cannon's 18 month post (can you believe he is 1.5 years old?) and hopefully I will have some May sneeks to share soon.

egg hunt 2010....

It was a pretty chilly day. The forecast had called for snow so we were just thankful that didn't happen! The egg hunt was okay this year. There were way too many people and not enough eggs. Many of the small children didn't get any eggs and it was pretty much over by the time it began. Way too crazy. Thankfully, Charlie was not really into quantity and was happy that he got a striped egg and a few pieces of candy. Cannon really had no idea what to think of it all.

Getting ready for the hunt to start.
The craziness.
Charlie showing off his cool striped egg.

Look at the big tear on his cheek. He was totally ticked that I picked him up off the wet grass so his clothes didn't get wet. He really wanted to dig through his basket and play with those colorful eggs.
Cannon did surprisingly well with the Easter Bunny. He kinda looks upset in this picture but he was actually smiling. Not sure why he kept jamming his hand in the bunny's mouth.
I realized what a bummer it is that Eric wasn't the bunny this year. In years past it was way easier to get a good picture with the bunny since it was him. The boys would get special attention with lots of opportunities to get a great shot. Not this year, we had to take the 10 seconds and hope we got a good shot.
Charlie can't wait to see what the Easter Bunny is going to leave in his basket this year. Charlie was concerned the bunny wouldn't know we were in Idaho and he'd try to deliver his basket to Utah, so we had to write a note to him to let him know where we would be. Hopefully he got the message.