merry christmas...

Merry Christmas from the Smith's!

a low-key holiday season....

I wish I could say that I have taken such a long break away from the blog because I was super busy with all the craziness of the season. It would be more accurate to say that I have been super busy with the craziness of having a newborn around! Boy, they are SO much work. Lucky for me, I really do have a lot of help from my parents - I am not sure how I would be doing right now if I didn't have them around! Eric started a new job about a month ago that requires him to work 50-55 hours a week, plus he is still doing his DJ job three nights a week. He also had to be out of town for 4 days last week....I am not used to him being gone so much. Hopefully his schedule will settle down soon. We miss him!

Anyway, Cannon is growing like crazy. At his check-up last week he weighed 6 lbs 4.5 ounces and was 19.25 inches. His cheeks are filling out so he has the cutest little round face/head. He is on a pretty good schedule but we still have some good nights and some bad nights. He eats every 3-4 hours and is eating 2.5 -3 ounces of formula at each feeding. He has definitely figured out that it is much more cozy to be held than to be in his bed or chair. This makes it hard to get things done, but I try to remind myself that he will be running around before I know it and the laundry/showering/cleaning can wait sometimes.

Having the little guy around has made for a pretty low-key holiday season. Trying to keep a balance of making this time exciting for Charlie, but not too crazy for the rest of us. We had to shop for just a few people this year so that made it easier, but I am bummed that I have not gotten to do a lot of the traditional christmas activities like bake christmas cookies or send out Christmas cards. (thats right, I did not do cards this year so don't be offended if you don't get one!) I guess there is always next year, right?

These pictures were taken this morning. I have seen the idea a few times to take a picture of your baby with a certain stuffed animal each month so that you can see how much they have grown. I kept forgetting to do it when he got home and I almost just gave up, but decided it was not too late.

Cannon & Clancy at 9.5 weeks old.
See, I told you he was getting chubby cheeks! So cute.

Hope you are enjoying your holiday season and spending lots of time with the ones you love. :)

why is my daddy dressed as santa?...

Today was our neighborhood Christmas party. Since Eric has been Santa in the past, they asked him to do it again this year. He was hesitant because Charlie is at the prime age for santa, but decided to do it anyway. We showed up at the party and Charlie went straight over to him. Before he could even get on his lap he told him that he wanted the cash register with the microphone from Kohl's (the toy that he can't stop talking about). Then we took a few photos and went to work on the Christmas crafts. A few minutes later Charlie asked "Mom, why is my daddy dressed as Santa?" Ugh. After a little discussion, I thought I had convinced him that it was not daddy. Another few minutes went by and then he said "Really mom, that sounds just like my daddy. It has to be him." So, the story changed and he seemed happy to know that daddy had to fill in for santa because he was busy and couldn't make it. I should have known we were never going to pull that one over on him!

We were finally able to give Cannon a real bath today since his circumcision is healed now. He seemed pretty surprised by the whole thing. Once we got him all dressed and wrapped up he just looked around with this face like "what in the world just happened?"

we survived the first week...

Well, it looks like the little guy is getting settled in quite nicely around here.For the record, he did not look at all like this last night between 3 and was a rough one! The first week has been pretty good. He is a good baby and sleeps a lot. The last day or so he has been awake more and has been a little fussy. I can handle it during the day, but at night I am definitely praying for patience! We had a pediatrician appointment on Monday and he weighed 5 pounds 7.5 ounces. We will be going weekly for a while just to be sure he is gaining weight and doing okay. Note to self: never make a pediatrician appointment on a Monday ever again - the waiting room was packed with sick kids from the weekend and I was freaking out having Charlie and Cannon there (I just might have a breakdown if Charlie gets sick again any time soon). I was chasing Charlie around with the Purell like a mad woman.
For the most part Charlie just stays away from Cannon. He still is not thrilled when he cries, but he does not get as upset as before. Anytime he sees his eyes open he runs over and tries to show him a toy or get him to play. He is getting pretty stir crazy from being stuck in the house, so hopefully we will be able to get out soon. Looking forward to the weekend!