After begging to go to Legoland for over a year, Charlie finally got his wish. Pake (my grandpa) passed away and we went to California for the funeral. Since we were in the area, my parents wanted to take the boys there for an early Christmas present. Charlie was beyond excited. We couldn't really keep it a secret because he already knew Legoland was in California and once I told him we were going there for the funeral he immediately started talking about it.

These pictures are not great by any means. Let's just say that 2 busy boys running around Legoland do not have any time to stop for the camera.

First stop was miniland. I think this was the part Charlie was looking forward to the most. They had the entire vegas strip, the french quarter, NY skyline, San Francisco and the Sydney Opera House completely recreated in legos. It was pretty incredible.

Charlie was also really excited about driving the cars and getting his own driver's license. He wasn't too good at steering the car and I think he only got about half way around the track.

The park was not very busy at all which was perfect! We didn't have to wait in line to get on the rides and if we wanted to go again, they would let us stay on the ride and go again. The weather was also great. We couldn't have picked a better day to visit.
There is a reason they do not charge for kids under 3. They pretty much cannot do ANYTHING. Cannon was about an inch too short to ride any of the rides. He would get so ticked off when he would see Charlie getting on all the rides and he couldn't tag along. There were lots of breath holding incidents. Poor dude.
Charlie LOVED the rollercoasters. I was so surprised. As we were going up the first time he said, "I think I might be getting scared!" but then he chilled out and enjoyed the ride. He immediately asked to go again.
This is the only ride that Cannon could go on and he was totally in love. He smiled the entire time and then he started to put his arms up in the air and yelled "wheeeee!"

A lot of people told us that Charlie was at the perfect age for Legoland and they were completely right. He was able to go on all the rides and they were fun without being too scary. We enjoyed six hours of lego bliss and everybody left with a smile on their face.