he is stubborn already....

I had an ultrasound today to see what is going on with the little guy. It was so good to see him :) I still have not felt him move yet (I am 19 weeks) so it was nice to see that he actually is doing acrobatics in there, I am just not feeling them yet. Everything looks great so far. The only thing the doctor noted was that the umbilical cord is attached to the very edge of the placenta instead of closer to the center as they would like to see it. She said there was a possibility that it could cause problems during labor, but since I am having another c-section, it should not be a problem. I am so happy that we already knew the gender, because we would not have found out today. The stubborn little guy was in a weird position and he had the cord between his legs so we didn't get any looks at his "parts". They also couldn't get a few of the shots that they like to get of the heart (they like to get 7 specific angles) because of his position. I even laid on my side for a while to try to get him to move, but no luck! So, I am going to have another ultrasound in 3 weeks to hopefully see that better. No complaints from me, I like to see him. His heartbeat was 147. My blood pressure was 111/76 and I have only gained 2 pounds so far, so everything is looking great! I know all your prayers are working, thank-you so much!
Look at that cute little profile!

We have also made some major progress in the baby's room. All the painting is done and the bed and furniture are in place. I do need to get some artwork for the walls though. I didn't want the colors to be too "baby" so the bedding I picked out has more vibrant colors with red, yellow and lime green with the baby blue. I fell in love with the polka dot bumper!

The quilt on the back of this chair is the quilt that my mom and I made. My mom did most of the work, I just helped pick out the fabric and cut the squares. The fabric is from the Moda sock monkey line. It is so cute! I love that it is still juvenile, but again, not too baby.

We have been doing a TON of projects around the house so that explains my absence from the blog. Hoping to get all those little projects done before the little one comes. Luckily, we still have plenty of time!

eric's wild hog...

We had been talking for a while about what to do about Eric's Land Rover. He LOVED that car, but it was only getting about 10-11 mpg and it required premium gasoline! It was $100.00 to fill it up and he was getting only about 200 miles per tank. His job does not require a lot of driving since it is so close, but it still just seemed to be costing us a lot. He mentioned to me that he would like to get a scooter. My first reaction was No Way! as I had flashbacks to the motorcycle that he had to have when we lived in Denver shortly after we got married. He ended up not liking the motorcycle as much as he thought he would since the traffic was pretty scary in Denver and it definitely has a cold winter for a sport bike! He only had the motorcycle for about 6 months before we sold it and bought a Ford Ranger. Anyway, the more we thought about how much we would save (and the more he begged! :), it made sense for us to get the scooter. Here she is in all her glory:

I think Eric loves it as much as he loved his Land Rover so I think he is happy. Since the baby will be here in the winter and I will no longer be working at Archiver's, we really only need one car anyway. I did not want to drive it at first because I was scared, but Eric talked me into driving it around the block and it was a lot of fun! You are all invited to drop by and take it for a test spin -you just might end up wanting one yourself! :)

i am officially caught up....

On Friday night, I decided to go to the crop at Archiver's so that I could scrapbook some of the pictures that I have taken over the last month or so. I went alone, which doesn't bother me since I usually get a lot done that way. I even had a table all to myself so that I could spread out all over the place. I did not plan on getting all my photos done, but I just kept at it and before I knew it, I had all the pictures scrapped and even had time to do 2 cards! Here is what I accomplished:

I love the 8x12 photo. Costco prints this size for only $1.49 and the quality is great. I loved the Scenic Route Liberty line so I knew I had to use that for these pictures.
I have been so excited to use that apple paper from October Afternoon. So cute!

I pretty much scraplifted this page from a magazine, but I can't remember which one! This page was a challenge because of all the purple, orange, blue and yellow in photos. Very hard to find paper that looked good with it.

I still need to do the journaling on this one. Also a hard one to do because of the colors in the photos. The blue dotted paper is not as teal as it appears in the picture. This page is much different than what I usually do, but I like how it turned out.

This was the last page I did of the night. I love that lace cardstock by KI Memories! And since yellow is the hot color of the season, I just had to use it! :)

This one also needs some journaling but I like how simple it turned out. I almost didn't scrap these photos, but I am glad I did.

I am hoping to have some photos to share this week of the baby's room and some of the projects that we have been working on for Charlie's room. It is all coming together!

just a quick update....

Here are the pictures from when we rented a jetski last week:

Charlie looked so cute in his little life jacket. :)

And just a few notes for me so I don't forget - we had a doctor's appointment last Wednesday. Everything went good. The baby's heartbeat was in the 150's. My blood pressure was 108/64 (lowest it's been so far..YEAH!) The doctor changed my due date to 12/19 (it was 12/18) The 2 ultrasounds show the baby's size equals a 12/21 due date so she wanted to adjust it a bit. She said she wants to be as accurate as possible just in case there are problems down the road. The exact gestational age can make a big difference on the type of care you will get (steroids, medications, etc.) All in all a great visit!

happy birthday dad!

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to my dad today. We are so happy that we were able to spend this weekend with him. For those of you that know my dad, you know that he is genuine, funny, gentle and fun. We are so blessed to have him in our lives. He is a wonderful grandpa that is missed greatly by all when he is working in Jackson Hole.

Jon brought up another cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes - it was delicious as expected! Dad, Happy Birthday! We hope you have a great day - we love you so much!

happy holiday weekend....

We started the holiday off with a parade around the neighborhood. It was a huge success and there were hundreds of kids with their bikes/scooters/wagons all decked out for the holiday.

It has been SO hot here for the last week so we decided to spend the day inside and go to the movies. My mom took Charlie to see Wall-E (which he LOVED!) and Eric, my dad, Jon and I saw Hancock. It was much different than I expected and I liked it. Our neighbors invited us over for a BBQ and fireworks in the evening. The evening was beautiful and we enjoyed hanging out enjoying each others company. I really had no idea what Charlie was going to think of the fireworks this year. He can still be scared of loud noises on occasion, but he did great! He would cover his ears if he thought it was too loud but he did not seem to be scared. He loved playing with the snaps that you throw on the ground. Too bad most of our box was full of duds, I think he would have done that for hours. Most of the neighbors on the street all came together, so there was a lot of fireworks to enjoy.

This week has been very busy with Uncle Jon in town. We went to Roaring Springs (local water park) for the first time. Everybody had a great time. Too bad Eric and Jon got terrible sunburns on their chest and backs. Bad enough that they both had blisters! OUCH! Charlie loved the kiddie pool, but is still not a big fan of the splash attractions. On Thursday, we rented a jetski and went up to Lucky Peak. It was 106 degrees that day, so I think we would of had a little more fun if it had been cooler, but we still had a great time. We even took Charlie for a short ride. After a few minutes he said "I am having fun, but I think I am ready to go back now." I think he was a little more scared than he wanted to let on. I have not edited the photos from that day, but I will post them this week. Today we have spent the day at home - Charlie is very happy about this, I think he is exhausted from all the activity this week!
Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday weekend!