I am back from L.A. and it is nice to be home. CHA was fun, but I have never been more exhausted! We were working most of the time, but we were able to sneek away one night to the Magnolia bakery to get a cupcake. Yum.
We also got some dinner and were planning on seeing a movie, but we were just too tired to go!

It was nice to get a little break from the boys. It was easy to leave them behind because they were being left with their beloved GG. They hardly even noticed I was gone but they asked for GG the whole day after she left. I know where I rank!

The last few days have been spent playing playdoh, drawing puppy dogs and watching cartoons. Even though I may not be their first choice, I will say it again, it is good to be home. :)

Looking forward to relaxing this weekend before things get crazy again. Today Charlie told me that he was so glad it is Saturday tomorrow so that he could sleep in. I just wish by "sleeping in" he actually meant sleeping past 6:30am!