school pictures, 2011 edition

Ah, the dreaded school pictures.  Even though they are so dreadful, I feel like a bad mother if I don't at least order the smallest portrait package. 
I am just grateful that Charlie's fake "CHEESE" smile didn't make an appearance this year.

Now that Cannon is in daycare, he is also in on the action and got his own photos this year too. 

I need to find out who to talk to at the school to be sure we have some laser beams and huge 2012 number props in the photos next year.  ;)

cannon at 3....

Well, Mr. Cannon, you are now three!  You are filled with personality and you know how to turn on the charm.  To say that you keep us on our toes is an understatment.  You are a challenge and you always know what you want. 

A few things about you at three years old....

- You are 30 pounds (25th percentile) and 37.25 inches tall (50th percentile).

-  You are Independent with a capital I.  You have to do everything for yourself.  This is mostly a good thing, but sometimes it is downright frustrating.  You are dressing yourself and have to get yourself in and out of the car.  You are also buckling yourself into your carseat, but luckily you cannot unbuckle...yet!

- You are talking up a storm.  A few months ago, it all seemed to click for you and now you are completely caught up to your peers in speech and language.  You talk in complete sentences and we can understand almost all of what you say. 

- You love to sing and your favorite songs are You are My Sunshine and the ABC Song.  You are always learning new songs at daycare and we hear you singing them to yourself as you play with your toys.

- You are crazy about playdoh.  You ask to play with it pretty much daily.  You also love coloring and drawing.

- You are terribly stubborn.  Once you have something set in your mind, it is almost impossible to change it.  This has been a huge challenge for us and one that we are fighting on a daily basis.  We keep praying for wisdom on how to raise you.  We want to encourage your independence and channel all your energy in a positive direction.  Hoping that we can find some middle ground in this area soon.

- You and Charlie are complete opposites.  I notice things every single day that remind me that you two couldn't really be any more different.  Your relationship has its highs and lows and I hope that it keeps getting better and better.  You are lucky to have each other.

- You love macaroni and cheese, yogurt, fruit snacks, and fruit.  You aren't too picky, but you usually know what you want when you want it (as usual!)

- You are still an early riser.  (I would still like to know where you got this from!)

- You are attending daycare and you love it.  You need the social interaction and you love all the action. 

You truly are a character, little dude.  We are learning from you everyday and we love you so much Can Man.

halloween 2011....

Halloween this year was an absolute blast.  The boys are at the best age and they loved every bit of it!  Charlie did not have his heart set on a particular halloween costume this year so we threw a few ideas around and once this idea came up, we knew it was the one.......
Angry Birds!!!!

These costumes were pretty fun to put together and I was so grateful that there was no face painting involved and they were easy to put on and take off. 

Since we don't really know any of our new neighbors, we decided to go to our old neighborhood for trick-or-treating.  It was so nice to see some of our old friends that we haven't seen for a few years and they were pretty surprised to see us at their doorstep! 

I wasn't too suprised that Cannon caught right on to the whole concept of trick-or-treating.  He was all over the candy and couldn't walk fast enough at the beginning.  He is still young enough that he wasn't too scared of the scary decorated doorsteps.  He would just march right by the spiders and zombies and hold out his bucket and yell "Tick O Treat!"  As the night wore on he did slow down but he became worried that we were going to stop soon. After every house he would get a concerned look and say "One more house please?"

Charlie did great too.  In the past he hasn't had much endurance when it came to trick-or-treating.  We would go to a handful of houses and then he would be done.  This year he wanted to keep going and was very proud of his haul.

I would say that Halloween 2011 was a major success!