september 8, 2012

I am officially a soccer mom.

Cannon cautiously began his soccer career this week.  Let's just say he is not too sure if chasing a ball around the field is the most fun thing to do.

First of all, let's talk about the uniforms.  If they are going to offer soccer to this age group, don't you think they could find uniforms that actually fit?  I mistakenly called it an outfit, not a uniform, and now Cannon calls it his alphabet.

Obviously Cannon didn't know the first rule in soccer is no hands.

 He also didn't know that you can't just kick it once and then stand there looking all cute.

It is safe to say that his favorite part of soccer right now is snack time after the game.

We will see. Maybe he will grow to love it.  Or maybe it will be a short-lived career.  Either way, we are so stinkin' proud of him for trying.

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